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Stroganoff in a Brazilian way

May 29, 2016

Both I and my boyfriend like to travel and we are fascinated about cultures. Food is a big part of a country’s culture and when we travel to a country the first thing we investigate is the local food. We love to experience new tastes and we do not think twice if we see a recipe that we have not tried before. Actually to be honest I was not quite like this before I met my him. Before whenever I got hungry I just went to the closest supermarket or fast food place and bought something quickly. Today though it is different because I got inspired by Johan to open my mind when it comes to food. He loves Italy and made many Italian dishes to me and after a while I started to participate in the cooking and wanted to experience new recipes with him and not only what he had tried from before.

However, yesterday we made something that was not new to us. Chicken stroganoff is something that we have had before and since we had chicken in our freezer it was convenient for us to make something that contained chicken. Chicken stroganoff is a Brazilian variant of the Russian dish Beef Stroganoff and it contains cream and tomato puree. We made it a bit different than you maybe have seen it before because we did not want it that liquid as it is normally served.

This is how we prepared it.

Portion for two:

  1. Cut one leek and 2 chicken file and frie it in a pan.
  2. Add salt and pepper to it
  3. Add 3 deciliter of cream and two tablespoons of tomato puree.
  4. Cook rice

For you who like more spicy food, just add some more 🙂

Then it was ready to be served.




There is one last thing you need to know. I made the rice in a Brazilian way and now I will explain you how it’s done. Have some cooking oil in the casserole. Cut garlic and knead it. Wait until the garlic is a little bit brown. Wash the rice and add it in the casserole and stir the rice into the cooking oil and garlic for a few minutes. That will make the rice more loose. Add water (if you have one glass of rice then you need two glasses of water).




I hope you enjoy the reading 🙂

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  • Reply Tone Vuong Vinningland May 29, 2016 at 8:37 pm

    Ser super godt ut dette 🙂 Og mye greiere når jeg kan lese på norsk 😉

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