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Project BMG – Let go is easy once why we must is known

August 11, 2016

The how to do something is only important if we really know why we want to do that. Because our life is a flux with constant ups and downs. Nothing in life is permanent. Everything in nature constantly changes. Flowers bloom, release their fragrance, and they are gone. A child is born, lives his or her lifespan, and dies.

Therefore to live and enjoy life fully we must learn to let go of every lived moment and welcome the next.
We all at times experience moments of happiness, but we need not try and hold on to them. We need to know even if we let go of lived moments we eventually will not be losing anything.

We have to check on our habits of wanting things to be permanent and we need to learn to trust that life is abundant and will bring other beautiful moments for us to enjoy. Once we know this, accept this fact …..letting go is so much more easy.

All the mystics around the World show us, tells us that the only reason the spiritual process seems to be such a struggle is all because we are not willing let go of our conclusions.
Forces of love/compassion and anger/hate are always functioning in the world and will always be there till life survives on the lovely Universe . It is just like a seesaw game. We need to ask ourselves two questions to understand why we need to let go….

1.)Which end of the seesaw do we really want to be loaded?
2.)Who can deny what is within you?
See so simple the answer is… It is we, ourselves.
Now a deep thought inside ,that which aspect of us we call as ‘me’ , in reality is just a bundle of conclusions that we have made about life. These conclusions of distinguishing live with what’s right, what’s wrong, what’s good, what’s not good, will not allow us to move. We ourselves are our own only barrier. The moment we move the ‘I’ ,to be spiritual, to be peaceful becomes natural.

So once we know what we want, why we want we will be able to find answers which will tell how to let go, and this answer will come from the Source itself because now we are allowing ourselves to be part of the Whole.
Let go is a deep understanding of the phenomenon that we are part of one existence. We cannot afford to have separate ego, we are one with all.

Now we are willing to be here as the Creator intended us to be. Simply life live…….

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  • Reply pawan35 August 11, 2016 at 6:41 pm

    Reblogged this on walkingthelovelyjourney and commented:
    First of all I want to really say to Roberta it is very great and very lovely concept of Project BMG…. And I thank you having given me a chance to be part of this beautiful project….
    This Brazilian Norwagein lady she just cannot be praised fully even if I open my heart out here, yes one reason I am just emotional a bit because it is first time somebody has cared to show my bit poor writing on their blog, page and I am so very happy. Thank you Roberta. Now this lady if you haven’t been at her blog you for sure are missing lots and I assure you will find life beautiful when you read how she enjoys every moment of her life. She is an inspiration, a teacher, a friend, a very loving mother and above all a very beautiful lover…. With ups and down in her life she still knew how to move and let past go away.
    Very grateful to You Roberta for giving me an opportunity on the path to have met you…. Be blessed… Keep smiling.

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