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Project BMG – Never Underestimate The Power of Family

August 12, 2016

I read something interesting about Benjamin Franklin recently. While he served as our first ambassador to the nation of France, he was amazed and perplexed at their ridicule of the Bible. One day he told them that he had discovered a short story of unusual brilliance and beauty and that he wished to read it to them. After hearing it, his listeners were hugely impressed with the intriguing story and wanted to know where it had been found. To their surprise, he held up a Bible. He had read to them from the Book of Ruth.

The story of Ruth is the most charming short story in the Old Testament. It is set in the period of history following the era of The Judges. If you read Ruth today, she sounds like a perfect example of a modern day woman. Her life was uprooted and relocated. She was single then married and was single again. She was a working woman who had to balance the responsibilities of taking care of an extended family member.

She would be right at home in our context today. Her life would speak to the modern woman. Ruth discovered like some many people that life is not always fair. I can’t remember when I made that discovery, but it was an eye-opening experience. How old you were when you made that discovery. For people some in the Greatest Generation, Pearl Harbor taught that reality. For some people of color, it is that the assassination of John F. Kennedy and Dr. Martin Luther King. That moment in time showed an entire nation that life is full of heartache and sorrow. For Millennials the events of September 11th forever remind us that life is not fair. No matter how you came to this discovery, most of us know all too well that life is not always fair.

We tend to underestimate the events that are happening around us. Unfortunately, we live too much in the here and now, with little eye on the future. We are temporal beings with an eternal soul. Don’t underestimate the power of the influence you are living life day to day. So today and live every day to view your life as an opportunity to make an eternal difference. God was working. In the story of Ruth, God did not abandon Naomi, Ruth’s mother-in-law. Tragedy can and does strike, but it is still God’s plan that the family not just survive but also prosper.

God worked through the life of Ruth to carry out his plan of salvation. God did not abandon Naomi Ruth’s mother-in-law when she suffered the loss of her sons. Tragedy can and does strike. It is still God’s plan that the family structure is the best setting to find comfort, commitment, and love. Never understatement the power of family.

Written by Keith Haney

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