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PROJECT BMG – anastasis tree

August 14, 2016

Tati and I want to personally thank you, Roberta, for this wonderful opportunity. What a fantastic idea! We’re hoping that through this we’ll get to meet more amazing bloggers such as yourself and even make new friends. Ain’t blogging a grand pursuit?

We’ve been working together under Unbolt for a while now and feel so suited for this. Nothing gets rushed. We take our time. A new collaboration is published only when we’re satisfied with it and not a moment before. The following poem represents what is perhaps one of our best efforts to date. Hope y’all enjoy…


thick scabbed bark like a panoply
but tenderer than a wing-stroke
stealthy touches, airy kisses,
cracking, cracking

i’m but a breath, thinly stretched
by potter o’er clay and bone
i’m a tumbleweed in tumbleland
a noose dropped at the hanging tree

gnawing trails through rotten caudex
weaving cocoons inside the heartwood
quivering fibrils, feeble pulse
waiting, waiting

you are closer than the wisp of lips
you are deeper than oceans mere
you are greater than fears all brung
an empty space at the hanging tree

gentle stirring feels like convulsions
nobody asks you when you’re ready
voiceless screams, waterless tears
waking, waking

we all submit that need to know
we know love that seek out truth
we love true another’s name
our troubles left at the hanging tree

you want me for you
i want you for me
so let it be
a butterfly sways
on a hangman’s noose
at the dead tree

© All rights reserved 2016

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  • Reply Tony Single August 15, 2016 at 12:46 am

    So very cool of you to run this series, Roberta. I’ve really been enjoying it so far! Fantastic work, everyone! 🙂

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