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Project BMG – Transient !

August 19, 2016

Thank you Roberta for taking onboard the Project BMG !

Words pool in my poems
as you plaid my dream worlds;
I remained tongue tied and timeless,
Not perfect, but feels pleasure and
deeper than its causing pain,
to my self, which is excavating,
memories of ones I lost, lost in my life.
Crumpled in my paper heart,
a fire somewhere, it was,
I forgot how to re-kindle.

Tied up all pieces of my heart
to connect all time map,
decoding all wrong done in your Morse code;
Like a broken-wing-bird beats the wind,
Now I crush your words life flower petal,
to bloom the wounds, I bled in past,
Shifting my dreams from your shadow,
to regain the love, my heart voices.
I welcome the Sun again,
to the dark places, where everything
of ours are buried, out of sight.
As my eyes see the divine light,
Waiting for the tender reach.


This poem is inspired from Quote:
“But Noah found favor in the eyes of the Lord” !

Thank You for reading blogpost !

Love and Light !

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