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Lost Children – Project BMG

August 24, 2016

Hi am Samara Elora I just starting blogging not to long ago as a way to express myself and share my heart and soul with those  who i normal would not get the opportunity to do so. My blog  i share my Faith, photography,traveling, and what i hope for the people of this world. Right now what is really on my mind and what i want to talk about is how blindly we are leading ourselves to hell and why is it that even with warn that we take no heed to making the changes we need to make in order to grow closer together in a positive way.

I am not a mother  in the since of giving birth to a child but  in my heart i feel like am a mother of many. I love children and I always want what is best for them no matter who child they are. I set her and  I feel so sorry for some of these children in the  world who parents neglect them don’t spend anytime with them they to busy running the streets or working over time to make more money when that personal relationship with our children are so important. the thing we buy for our children will one day go away. but the bond that we created we last a life time. Children have to grow up so fast and the sad thing is when those children became adults and they  are consider  a problem in society  then everyone want to say i don’t know where they  came from  or if that child is depress everyone ask like that don’t know. well maybe if you spend more time with your child you wouldn’t have to ask such simple things you would know that we as parents have failed are children in some way lets be honest with ourselves and our children honesty will set you free.  the bible teach us if we rise up a child in the way he should go he would not depart.  We must  give are children direction in what will make them  adults who are going to have a great impact in this world and not just be something that  is a walking dead.

Would be grateful for some feedback on my blog

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