Project BMG – Chilly choice of outfit in summer

August 27, 2016
This is my little moment dedicated to clothing or fashion or whatever you want to call it, as it is not mere fashion or fashion news or what’s hot or not right now. It’s fashion to utility in my daily routine. I love beautiful, stylish clothes… and who doesn’t?! Some maybe are not that fond of fashion or following trends, and probably are not so focused on clothes, to them it is just a random choice as long as it’s clean, tidy and comfy.

I am totally a go-go for that, but looking nice and stylish at the same time wouldn’t be that bad, would it? 
Let’s get started:
You know when you have to go to a shopping center, on a super hot summer day? 
Yes, what’s the big deal! 
Aahhaa gotcha!
The deal is that out is hot, in, is not! 
And getting inside at first looks like a cool refreshing paradise, but soon after it starts feeling like freezing hell, focus on the freeze part here, to me it does. Although I am constantly on the move, I get some goose bumps along the way, and it’s not long before I can’t feel my toes anymore.
Avoid chilly toes? Espadrillas, like the ones below.
Love the print of these ones ?
I opt for flats when shopping, more comfortable and exhaustion won’t get in the way. No sore feet the next day as an extra bonus point! But if you feel like wearing heels, absolutely yes, the orthopaedic heels are the ones I suggest. (while shopping???? Seriously? How do you do that??? Tell me your secret!!!)

You can wear sneakers too. Yay! Wondering why am I stating the obvious? Like: Of course we can wear them!
In Albania summer is a hell of a deal hot. To us is no surprise that the majority of summer days is more than 35°C, some days reaching the 40°C so it makes sense that everyone wants to be as light as possible.
But since I love sneakers and espadrillas, this is the perfect occasion. And for the same reason I can wear high waist long denims with a matchy short top just barely touching the waist line ?.
It’s all in the shades of blue from the navy blue of the espadrillas to the lighter tone of the top.
You can choose shorts as well. Again high waist denims with the same top.
The top has it all covered and also long-sleeved not the perfect choice for the scorching out and about walk. But in this case it’s perfect. The color is sweet, the fabric is light and feels comfortable. Yes, needs ironing before wearing ? (the only disadvantage so far).
Shorts are a bit darker with the red flower detail.
This way I get to wear some of my favorite clothes on summer ?.
Don’t be scared to experiment. Personally right now I feel like combining clothes with the same color but different shades of it.
You can try more daring options. There are no mistakes in style (well there still are a few things that make my eyes bleed but I will survive ?). Remember, things that were outrageous yesterday are absolutely a slay today.
What do you think? Do you find it useful or helpful? Style oriented to utility? ?

xoxo #kristinakoti 
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  • Reply thebeautyofdestruction August 27, 2016 at 6:12 pm

    Those shoes are adorable!!

  • Reply annasdiabetes August 27, 2016 at 7:42 pm

    Lovely shoes, and I love all the shades of blue 🙂

    • Reply kristinakoti August 27, 2016 at 7:46 pm

      Thank you ?. When tidying my closet, I noticed that I had plenty of clothes in these colors ?

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