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Daily – I had a wrong opinion

October 8, 2016

I use to think that a relationship would be as close to perfect as possible if the two would never have a fight or disagree with each other. I was looking for something like that in my life and dreamt of a boyfriend where our relationship would be rosy everyday.

However, today I don’t believe that a relationship described above is a healthy one. How is it possible to have a good relationship if there are no disagreements and arguments? Being able to present arguments for a partner is crucial to make a relationship work in my opinion and the dream relationship that I pictured before is no longer a dream for me.

Johan and I have our disagreements and there are times when we can fight a lot. I remember I used to think that it was a bad thing and that our relationship was bad since we had all this small fights. Johan answered me that he thought the opposite since having disputes and dare to share arguments to your partner is a sign of a healthy relationship since you are able to be honest and not go to bed angry at one another. I have noticed that our relationship is better the days after we have cleaned the air.

Additionally today I see a relationship where there are no room for arguments as boring since a fight might also spice things up besides cleaning the air. Don’t get me wrong we are not arguing and fighting every day since that would destroy the harmony in our relationship but we know and trust each other good enough to be completely honest with each other which I really appreciate.

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