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Masterpiece (guest post by Pete Gardner)

January 2, 2017

I love the way an artist paints
Their tapestries of life
They add the colors one by one
To a picture in their mind

And as I watch the paint reveals
What the artist clearly sees
But to the eye of the watcher
The wait seems long to me

When the painting’s done I marvel
At the way the colors blend
To make a lovely sunset
As the day comes to an end

As I look back at that painting
My mind began to view
How much my life is similar
To how that paint was used

Each day I face new challenges
And learn new ways to cope
Each year a brand new journey starts
And I am filled with hope

And as the years just roll on by
My life is shaped and formed
Some in joy and some in tears
And some that brought me harm

Now I don’t know the outcome
But I always hope I’ll be
A masterpiece of love and faith
When others look at me

I am delighted to be a guest blogger on Roberta’s site.  I would like to invite you to visit my site as well.  I have three blogs:


Psalms Study and personal posts

Study of Paul’s letters (Currently Ephesians)

Thanks for reading!  Pete

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    Beautiful ?

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    Outstanding. 🙂

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