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February 12, 2017

Hey everyone! I can’t belive it is already Sunday, I feel that the weekend has just started but Sunday is here again and tomorrow it is a brand new week and the weekend is just all gone. However, Johan and I we have enjoyed the weekend to the fullest where we have done many fun things such as cinema on Friday and visiting a friend afterwards, redecorating our apartment and recharged ourselves for the new week that is almost here.

For some weeks ago, I discovered that the premier of the Fifty Shades Darker would be on February 10th, and I thought to myself that we just had to see the movie. I invited a friend of mine with us as well to watch the movie. Johan is not a big fan of this movie which I can understand and many guys share his opinion because there were only about 10 guys in the cinema and those were together with their girlfriends just like Johan. Just to make them happy probably haha. I must say that I liked the movie very much and it inspired in some ways. After a great time we went to Cintia, my friend’s house, and as we were talking she invited us for dinner on Saturday which we gladly accepted.

Cintia is from Brazil and I have to tell you guys how I met her since it is kind of a fun story. Johan and I, were out on New Year’s Eve to celebrate the new year. On our way home we took a cab and the cab driver was Cintia haha. I was surprised when she told me that she is from the same province as I and we shared our contact info with one another. After that, Cintia and I have hanged out in various occasions and she is turning out to be a good friend.

Yesterday, she made us a wonderful Brazilian food that I was so glad to have since I have not eaten it for years. I guess I have become too Norwegian and eat only Norwegian food and other international food as well. We also had the privilege to meet her friend, a really nice guy from Trondheim, which I am grateful for since it is nice to get to know the locals as well. We did not have a lot of time since Johan and I had a project and had to leave earlier than we wanted because of it.


Well, since we have moved to Trondheim we have been upgrading ourselves step by step in order to make our apartment according to our style. It is important to influence the apartment in order to bring in the atmosphere that we like. Both Johan and I have some studies to take combined with our full time jobs and that is why we needed an office desk in order to be able to study. We feel that the apartment is developing according to how we like it but there are still some things missing. We worked on these things yesterday and now there are not many things left before we will have it exactly how we like.

Johan is not a handyman and he get very stressed when he is about to use his hands and do practical work. He likes analytical work much better. Anyway, even for economists, there are times when you just have to get into it and yesterday was one of this days haha. He asked me for some help and I was glad to participate as well. We managed to put the office desk together which we are very proud of.


After we were done the evening was not over for me. I had a Norwegian lesson at 11 am today and she had given me a homework that I had to be done with. Due to our project I could not start before 11 pm and I was not done before 2 am. I was able to try our new office desk and I like it very much.

Well, this was our weekend and I must say that we enjoyed it a lot. Now, we are going to enjoy the last day before a full week starts.

I hope you are enjoying your Sunday!

Take care! ♥

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