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February 22, 2017


Another group of people against whom I am quite biased in my judgment toward see love in a simplistic sense of a momentary sexual affair. “Show me your love” means nothing less or more to these group of people than the 7 minute or less sections of a dance of nakedness with whoever they choose to do it with. Well, I cannot accept this shallow definition of this grand concept. Love still means more than an ecstatic feeling of a selfish mind.

In all the general ideas of love, it is a social concept in that it must be lived and shared with others other than one’s self. I see it as a living thing that grows, that needs feeding and that actually needs mutual nursing between the parties that hold it for it to remain alive, maintain a healthy growth rate and come to maturity.

This is it, love is a two-hearted body in which the survival of the body depends on the performance of each heart. The one heart feeds the other and the other does likewise. The flows of care, attention, offer of security, longing for among, giving of various forms  and others that flow from both ways in the body of love is what keeps the system fresh, surviving and growing for the parties that own it.

The love which was once alive, cherished and treasured by those in love begins to die when the flow of its components becomes one-directional, occasional or just unfed by the two hearts in love. The flow must be mutual for the benefits of it to be mutually felt and maximized. The traffic of its components must flow in a two-directional way  and preferably at the same rate for an increased dividend to be derived by the people who own it.

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  • Reply depatridge February 22, 2017 at 2:41 pm

    Of course, love is a two-way traffic. Two persons in love have to both water the plant (love) to grow.

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