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Guest Post; Things to Tell Yourself Get You Back On Track

March 15, 2017


Life can be a bit derailing sometimes, especially when you’re young, and still trying to explore the world.

At one time you feel like you’re on top of a mountain, ready to shout all your feelings out to the world, and then there comes the time that you feel like crawling into a cave to hide from the world.

Well, who can blame you? You put in all the hard work, but then the world suddenly decides that you need a bit of a shake. And then suddenly, it feels like things are moving on a different track, not the path you were going for.

There was a time that I spent the whole just to do my essay, just to later find out in the morning that my dog ate the paper. Well, just my luck. My teacher gave me a stern look, unable to believe my story.  You feel frustrated and hopeless, but deep down you know that you have to keep on going. Only, you don’t know where to get the courage and strength anymore. This is when you need to look at different angles of your life. You need to look at life from a different perspective. It’s the only way for you to ever to put things back in order again, but like so many things in this world, this is something that’s easier said than done. We say that we only need to look at life differently, and then everything will start falling back into place, but no matter how many times to tell yourself this, one question will always remain: how.

Listen to what people say, even when you disagree with them

We often think that we know the best for ourselves, which is why when people tell us things that are opposite our beliefs, we automatically shrug them off.

There comes a time in our life that everything seems out place, and because we’re the only ones who really knows what’s best for us, then we don’t know what to do anymore. After all, we did do everything we can, but in the end, it either became worst or nothing happened.

It’s time to reach out to other people. It’s true that you’re the best judge for whatever’s happening in your life, but “other people” are observers too. You may have a pretty good idea of what you’re doing, but other people see you differently than you do. Chances are, the reason you’re in such a situation is because you failed to listen to others. Take the time to listen to other people too, especially the ones you don’t agree with. You’ll be surprised how much change this can elicit to your life. There’s a big chance that they see something you don’t, and you’ll never know what it is until you listen to them.

Talk to strangers

We usually just reserve ourselves to our closest friends but did you ever think about all the relationships you can build if you were just willing to open up to other people. Go beyond your inner circle of friends.

You’ll be surprised to know that the best person you’ll ever meet is the ones you rarely talk to.

There are moments when keep on looking for that one person, not knowing that that one person was just right behind us. We never knew because we never took the time to talk to him, or even her.

We never know when the one person who could help us solve all our problems was just right behind us. The thing is we never knew because we never bothered to look. We were too focused on our own group of people.

The lesson here is: we don’t know people. We may think we do, but we don’t. We even never know anyone. We don’t even know our best of friends. There will always be things left untold. We can never know enough about a person. With that, we should always try to get to know people, even the ones we don’t like.

 Ask questions

We live in a world where we’re forced to believe all the knowledge we’re fed with. It all starts with school. We’re supposed to just take in all the things our teachers teach us a school. Otherwise, we might fail the subject.

We’re supposed to just accept the fact that some girls at school are supposed to rule while others are fated to get their lunch stolen. We’re supposed to just accept that some kids can get away with everything they do in school just because they were deemed to be more popular.

And then, it all follows in the workplace until it haunts your entire life. You become used to being told what to do in your office just because this one person was in a higher position. It doesn’t even matter that the orders didn’t make sense anymore, but you were too afraid to disobey.

These things can happen in other situations as well, which is why it’s important to start respecting yourself right now. You can do that by asking questions. Why are you doing the things that you do? From there, you can decide whether the reasons are still viable or not. If the answer is no, and the only reason you’re doing it is because you’re allowing yourself t be bullied and be used, and then you better stop now.

Back to you

At the end of the day, it all boils down to how you’re living your life. You have to set boundaries for yourself. That doesn’t mean that you build walls in your life. It only means you have to start respecting yourself. Put limits on how people and situations are going to affect you. If you think doing one thing will go against that boundary don’t do it. but if you think it could make your life, and then give it a go, and don’t be afraid of doing things just because people say otherwise.

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