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Guest Post; Doing Digital Detox

April 5, 2017


Your phone alarm wails in the morning signaling for you to wake up. You open your eyes. You check your notifications from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, check your mail, text messages, news, and all other stuff that you can do on your phone. Sounds familiar? It sounds boring, too.

Using our phone or other digital gadgets has been a constant part of our life because they offer an expanse of functions that involves relationships, everyday chores, business, and many others. They have definitely made our lives easier and make a lot of things more accessible. But why do we need a digital detox? Digital detox is disconnecting from these gadgets. We disconnect to reconnect.

Why do a digital detox?

It is true that our phones help us with a lot of things but we also miss out on a lot because of using them. There have been scientific studies about the overuse of digital devices. Some of the results that came up were narcissism, insomnia, and lack of empathy.

If you think these results can never happen to you, there were personal experiences that might have left you feeling guilty because of using your phone.

You missed enjoying a certain dinner conversation because you were checking on your Facebook newsfeed. There was probably also a time when you did not hear what your child had said because you were checking your email. You missed a spectacular landscape on one road trip because you were taking pictures and posting on Instagram.

You see, we think that we are doing more with our phones but we actually miss things because of them.

How to do a digital detox?

Disconnecting from your phone or any other digital gadget is something to try if you wish to reconnect with the things or people that you might have been leaving out.

Plan ahead. When will be a time you can disconnect? How long can you stay disconnected? Also, make a list of your digital devices and what you do with them. Turn off those that you can live without. Take note of things that you do on your phone that you can stop for a while.

Next, make a list of what you enjoy doing in life like some of your hobbies, physical activities, or meeting up with friends that you have not seen for some time. The second list can help motivate you to do your digital detox.

You don’t really need to leave all your devices or turn everything off. You can pick one in the case of an emergency and leave the others. Also, you can place it in silent mode. With this, you will be in control of not checking your device.

What happens when you do a digital detox?

Execute your plan. Go out in the park with your children and play with them. Watch them experience the world. Ask them questions about life and answer theirs. Have coffee with your friends without checking your phone. Laugh with them and reminisce on the things that you experienced in the past and talk about future plans. Go on a road trip and hike on a terrain that you have been planning to visit. Live that moment and let yourself be amazed at the beauty before your eyes. Read your favourite book.

Focus your attention on what you are doing and it will not be too hard to not check your phone. You will realize that there are a lot of other important things than seeing what others are doing from their Facebook post. There are a lot of other things to read other than those emails. You can think of answers for your child instead of just checking them on Google.


You see, disconnecting can let you reconnect with yourself, with the people you love, with nature, and with life. You don’t need to totally disconnect from your digital device for the rest of your life. However, doing a digital detox once in a while can help us keep a balance between the digital world and our reality.

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