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Guest Post: Choose Affordable Fashion!!!

April 14, 2017

Fashion is a movement

Fashion is freedom

Fashion is expression!

I have been in love with fashion for most of my life and the idea of getting dressed up to the nines gives me the same sensation that the average Joanne gets when eating copious chocolate bars without gaining a single pound.

My passion is what gave me the inspiration to start my blog and whenever I mention sharing content of this topic minds instantaneously drift straight to high end designers like Chanel or Michael Kors. Don’t get me wrong I am extremely partial to a designer piece of clothing or accessory but I find it difficult to justify only being clad in designer wear.

Nowadays image is EVERYTHING, Instagram and Facebook are a breeding ground for flaunting a rich lifestyle that is created to build envy and seclude those who choose not to partake or those simply cannot afford to.  Gucci and Hermes belts, Louis Vuitton and Celine bags give  impression that the only option of keeping up with styles standards is by paying a high price that most cannot afford to maintain.

I began writing my blog Cheap Clothes 4 Heauxs in May of last year because I have been a long time bargain hunter and without tooting my own horn I look good doing it, there is a stigma that cheaper clothing is embarrassing and garish.
I have witnessed many of my friends and colleagues terrible shopping habits which have led to them paying way over the deserved price £30 for a common cardigan and cry about not having enough money to buy lunch for the rest of the week.

My mission for this blog is not to condemn people for indulging in designer wear but to educate individuals on shopping smarter and showing that you can slay just as hard in a £5 dress as you would in a £50 one. Affordable fashion should be much more widely promoted and those who fly flag should be able to do so publicly with pride and not shame!

So join me in becoming a Cheap Heaux follow my blog and choose affordable fashion.

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  • Reply gruundehn April 15, 2017 at 12:37 am

    Fashion is advertising who you are or want to be. Look at my videos on YouTube and I advertise that I am plain and simple.

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