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Guest Post- A quick introduction to me,,,one of Roberta’s Guest Writers

April 16, 2017

Good Morning and Happy Easter:

No matter what your faith, race, nationality, language or current situation, I wish you a day of peace today.  When Roberta gave her readers the opportunity to guest post on her blog, I was thrilled and nervous (and still am).  Roberta has a large, diverse group of followers and I have no idea how my writing or ideas will be taken by her readership.  Needless to say, my blog is much smaller and I’ve jumped at the opportunity to guest post a few times a week.  So in addition to the other talented writers and posters you’ll read about on this blog, I will be posting on Sundays and Weds when I’m here and can get on a computer.

Now, an introduction to me as your guest writer- Me…a real person trying to do real things.

As a kid, I spent 5 years with family on a Taiwan CT 41 cruising sailboat throughout Central America, doing what most kids can’t or won’t imagine.  This fueled my imagination, jump starting creativity and giving me experiences I can’t ever replicate.

Fast forward through the boring stuff,,,and never stepping back onto a sailboat for nearly 25 years.  But, adventure always seemed to follow where I went (it’s a mindset) and I found that rock climbing, mountaineering and adventure travel were sports that seemed to fit, but never had many thoughts about cruising or sailboats for many years.

After some intense experiences on various business trips and eventually getting to travel through more than 32 countries;  something inside me knew that cruising and a cruising sailboat with my family was something I yearned for.  After three years of research and negotiation, we bought a sailboat (2014)!

Me and my wife are pretty normal folks, both with full-time jobs and two small children.  I’m no expert at much of anything, but we managed to buy a sailboat and keep her afloat this long, so we’re going to continue to muddle through it as we roll along.

The Family:

My family is important to me; I would not have advocated buying a cruising sailboat without my wife and we won’t be heading off into the sunset for a cruising adventure without her or the kids.  But we are planning on it as a family, looking forward to building our website, planning our trip and leaving in 2019.

My wife is a strong, smart professional who works a full-time job, does the lions share of the work with the kids on a daily basis and somehow still finds time to be a wife and best friend. I met my wife at a time when I had given up on dating and we became friends prior to dating. She was also the one who passed the Yosemite test with flying colors (try taking dates/girlfriends tent camping/backpacking in Yosemite during December and see how long things last). Since then, we’ve survived multiple extended business trips between the two of us and I’m having a blast being married.

The oldest daughter is 7. She’s strong, adventurous, outspoken and will turn into a rugged young women. There’s few things we do together than she won’t try. She’s currently looking forward to getting her own fish, swims like a fish and can scream very, very loudly about almost everything.  The youngest daughter is still in testing mode, at 5.  She’s a bit more of a Princess but not afraid of much except bugs. She’s also looking forward to her first fish and can now swim nearly as well as her sister.

Quincy the Dog is a three year-old, 130 pound Great Dane who has a perchant for eating expensive couches, children’s toys, pool fences and barking loudly at most anything that comes into her backyard kingdom. She’s pretty good at stepping on feet, knocking over small children and attacking any sort of running vacuum cleaner or leaf blower.

I’m looking forward to posting on Sundays and Wednesday’s on  This is going to be a blast, I look forward to writing here.  If you’re new to Roberta’s Blog, why not follow it and continue to read great posts?  If you want to also check out more of my writing or our adventures, my own blog is :


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