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Guest Post: Q: What Does Boring Mean to You?

April 30, 2017

Question:  What does “Boring” mean to you?  Think this one over,,,,cause I challenge you to think about how this question might apply to you and your life?

Boring is defined by Google as:

not interesting; tedious.
“I’ve got a boring job in an office”


Answer:  Is this your description of boring as well?  If so,,,,I’m sorry, because I use boring as a descriptor of myself, but not at all by this definition.  To me, boring is a state of mind and body in which there’s no drama and I can be a normal person who goes about my daily business in peace, with no hassles.   Boring to me is LACK of adventures if I can help it, a lack of uncontrollable hardships happening in the world and just a stage of BEING.  Not sure if you can grasp it by reading this typed chickenscratch, but I’m serious that I like boring and I like for life to just be normal, not throw me multiple challenges at once and allow me to just take a breather every now and again.  Boring as a state of mind and body is that person who is able to step OUT of the limelight, NOT always be the social butterfly, allow themselves to be silent and observant and still be in the now.  This is something that I think is a developed skill.  I wonder if this state of boring I describe comes from age and all the experience I have,,,,but perhaps there are others out there who just like my basic definition of boring also.  I have not always felt this way,,,but I think the combination of my semi-awkward childhood, being a late bloomer,,,,then overcompensating for all that with WAY TOO many hardships and adventures may have easily contributed to this overall feeling of just wanting to “Be”,,,,,without alot of background drama.

Try being in the background on purpose sometime just to sit quietly, observe and take in the world around you.  Might be totally surprised by some of the things you learn or see or catch with non-verbal senses.  Me, I like to be my own definition of boring when and where possible.

On the other hand,,,boring isn’t always a reality;  check out this link to a story I wrote earlier this year:  World’s Most Dangerous Places- by Robert Pelton

If you want to keep reading great stuff,,,,consider following Roberta’s Website/Blog,,,,,if you want to be boring with me,,,consider checking out the book review above or my Blog at:

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