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Guest Post: Ready for my Teaser Post?

May 3, 2017

Ready for the full story?

For the sake of staying within the text limits of what you’ll read and click on,,,,I’m going to throw the story link in here and let you either go read it or wait till tomorrow’s actual real teaser if you want to see the full story.   However, I can’t post tomorrow’s stuff actually on here because it has lots of photos,,,so you may have to go look.

However,,,I also want to say a huge THANK YOU to those from all over the world who have looked at my posts on here and on my own blog since Sunday.  What a response,,,,thank you and keep doing it.  Roberta was kind enough to allow me to guest post in this space…so I hope you’ll look at her site and perhaps consider following it if you don’t already.

Here’s the link to the story,,,,which is a teaser for Thursday and all the pics-

Imagine Travel in the 1860’s- Part 1


And my blog is:


RMS Rhone,,,,before she went down in a hurricane.

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