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Guest Post: Can we have a Conversation?

May 11, 2017

Good evening, this blog is coming to you from the West Coast of the USA, approx 8pm my time, but hopefully still Wednesday your time, because my guest slots are only Sunday and Wednesday here on Roberta’s blog.  I’m tired.  Both me and my wife are fully and gainfully employed and we have two young kids, age 5 and 7.  After a 12 hour day,,,then coming home to two young kids and dog,,,,it’s a full day.  This isn’t for your sympathy vote,,,,it’s simply how it is here in the house.

I really appreciate being able to guest blog,,,cause a few of the folks who read my blog don’t read Roberta’s, so I’m a bit freer here with some things I say.  I’ll keep it clean and semi-respectful.  I’m going to use my time tonight to get to allow you to get to know me a bit more,,,,and hopefully start a conversation if we can.  Here’s some things about me:

  • I live in the California Desert close to Joshua Tree National Park (West Coast of the US), married a hot younger women and we have two small kids, age 5 & 7 and a Great Dane who weighs more than some adults.
  • I’ve been in love with the idea of high adventure for a long time.  Shout out from here to Mexico and Central America, cause I’ve spent a lot of time there and LOVE it. I grew up on a sailboat in Central America, then lived in the US till college.  In college, I lived for rock climbing and after college and getting fired from my first real job,,,,I took a job selling climbing gear so I could mountaineer all over the world.
  • After all that stuff above, I had to get a real job,,,uhhhhh.  But, I chose something that I thought would be temporary and stayed with it for nearly 20 years now.  My job has taken me all over the world and then some.  I have to say I love the time I’ve spent in some countries people “hate” right now,,,,but most have never been there.
  •  Speaking of places and cultures people say they “hate” right now,,,,especially some Americans,,,,get over it.  If you’ve never been there or don’t know people from a particular culture or you won’t take the time to understand why their culture is a certain way,,,,you need to probably refrain from all our very loud American outbursts.  Yep, the wine has kicked in here on the keyboard.  I get pretty peeved about folks (especially Americans) who want to tell everyone that certain cultures or countries are full of terrorists or drug dealers or “bad hombres” when they have no freakin clue what the hell they’re talking about.  Some of my friends are from those countries and I’ve spent a lot of time in some of those countries,,,,and the US has lots more “bad hombres” than some other places.  Try finding the same amount of crime to pursue in Latvia, Jordan or Norway.  Ow,,,wait,,, you can’t find the same amount because these countries DON’T have as much per capita and they have different systems of government.  The US has a lot of freedom, sometimes used for badness.
  • Lastly,,,,I’m pretty conservative deep down I guess, but I have to admit that I do not agree with some of the attitudes of the current President here in the US.  I think I’ll go to hell for that, but at least I’ll be listening to Highway to Hell on the way!!!

I was going to issue another challenge to see if I could get 500 of you to take a quick look at my site, but I’m too tired.  If you like anything about my guest posts, please follow RobertaPimentel’s site.  She’s been gracious enough to allow me guest blogging space.  If you like some of my stuff, come see my site in addition to hers, I’m at: LiveFree2SailFast

I’ll be back on Sunday!





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