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Guest Post: A Regal Blue and Breathtakingly Bold

May 17, 2017


Mysteriously beautiful;
I see you parading.
A tad bit capricious
Strutting conspicuously
Showing off;
Flaunting your brilliant
Blue-green flawless plumage
Of exquisite beauty up for display.


Welcoming the rain
Loud and boisterous
You prance like enraged dancer
Fluttering with enthusiasm
Showcasing all your emotions.
With pride in your eyes.
Opening your plumage creating a masterpiece.
Attracting the coquettish peahen,
Expressing your love vibrantly.


Confidence personified
Or you’re simply being ostentatious
Nothing is perfect in this world
Not even the peacock itself.
Even beautiful creations
Contain imperfection
A million stunning feathers
Drawing attention away from its feet.
A reminder; somewhere we all are flawed.


A stoic expression and confident stance
Beady eyed; flamboyant;
Extravagant. Theatrical.
Alluring, almost mysterious
Your colours blinding my eyes.
Standing quiet among the other birds
Marvelling at all your splendour, I still fail to understand
Why you peacocks walk all alone?
Is it your regal nature or you are just too pretentious.



© All Rights Reserved.
©Ranjeeta Nath Ghai,, 2016.

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