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May 19, 2017

Good Evening:

You may (or may not) have noticed I missed my usual posting yesterday, and I want to apologize to my benefactor (Roberta) and to all of you,,,,cause it’s my fault.  But,,,,I’ll be back on Sunday to post on my usual day and back on track next weds.

Things are a bit hectic this week,,,,as usual:

-I was diagnosed with Sleep Apnea (stems from stopping your breathing when you’re sleeping) or excessive snoring.  I stop breathing sometimes while I’m sleeping and have fairly nasty dreams that take me places you never want to go,,,playing out in my head sometimes 2-3 times a week.  Sooooo, the doctor made a recommendation that I start on a machine at night called a “CPAP” Machine,,,,which basically shoots air into your nose or your mouth to make sure you breath and sounds a bit like Darth Vader at your bedside.  Sooo, imagine your partner sleeping beside you with a thing around his or her nose,,,,making whooshing air noises.  This has taken some getting used to and makes me feel really, really old.  And,,,,it’s GOTTA be so SEXY for my wife to sleep beside,,,I can’t imagine some of her inner monologue!

-In June, my wife is moving onto our boat; Tulum IV (still for sale,,,,has not sold but we’re still working on it) which is 3 hours away as her job has moved her there.  As I don’t retire for at least a year, and the kids are in school here and we have our house here,,,,,I’m staying here for the next year with the kids and dog as a single parent.  Her moving preparations are in full swing and this whole evolution has started to tell on the kids and me,,,but one of the things we have on our side is our ability to cope, deal with things and move on,,,,so we will.

-And, when we reach January,,,we’ll put our house up for sale and start dealing with getting it on the market in a smaller town here,,,and trying to get it sold.

-And,,,,we both work full time and have two wonderful little girls who keep us really, really busy.   And we’re ok with all this.

Thanks for understanding me missing my usual posting yesterday and I’ll be back on Sunday.

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  • Reply Casey May 19, 2017 at 1:58 pm

    You may have already considered this, but there is an ebb and flow to home buying. Google “best time to list a house in (your town). You may find it’s better to list a few months earlier or later. If you list it right before a historically high time for buyers, you may have better luck than if you list it at a low time and leave it on the market. If it doesn’t sell, people might wonder why it is been on the market for a while and hasn’t sold and assume there something wrong with it. Also, remember first impressions are keep. Spend a couple hundred bucks on mulch. Paint all of your exterior doors and if you have decks, paint or stain them.

    I’m not a professional; just sharing what I’ve learned as we are selling our house, too. 🙂

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