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Guest Post: Wonderful Gift to Give

May 24, 2017

Guest post: Poem Wonderful Gift to Give

Hello Join in. Have some fun!!!

Hello there,

Would like to introduce myself: my name is Donna Maria de Guglielmo First, I want to thank Roberta who graciously is having me here to post, meet and greet you all. A little bit about myself my background is in architecture/interior design. I did professional massage therapy for awhile and now on to writing… Authorprenuership. My genres are poetry, nonfiction, and fiction. My faith is Christian, buts I am interfaith (I truly believe in that).

My first genre was poetry. Sharing below one of my creations. There are reasons why I’m writing and not doing my design work anymore because of my conditions I have had about 30 strokes, and not counting yes, you have read that right. Now to go on to the poem… Roberta has great poetry here

Prose Poetry – Wonderful Gift to Give

Beautifying the world is a wonderful gift to give to others. Blogs/websites build your own style/design meant to serve

try some time blessings are tenfold keep it coming. Flowering yourself with others from around the world…

What a spice nice, any flavor and all flavors. God’s creation. Any kind of coloring, all shades, nourishes the soul, mind, and body.  Does not outwit anyone blends in and nourishes more are added all the time.


Thank you for taking the time to enjoy in reading my poem. Would you do something for me? What makes my post possible is when people comment and tell me what they like and they don’t like so I would love to hear from you that will be wonderful. 🙂 

You can find me at one of my sites, please come and check my blog out. Thank you!!! I explain about prose poetry here


God loves you!!!

We are His to soar in Paradise

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