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Guest Post- Remembering Memorial Day

May 28, 2017

Good Morning:

It’s early and I’m mellow as I sit down to let these ideas flow out of me.  It’s early for me to be awake on a Saturday or Sunday, but my reading on better sleep tells me that if I get up at the same time every day, I’ll sleep better every night.  As you may remember from an earlier post; I’ve been put on a CPAP Machine for sleeping and really don’t like it, but I have some trouble sleeping due to sleep apnea and continued nightmares, which often manifest into “daymares”.  I’m dealing with it.  Anyways,,,this morning I was awake at the usual time I get up every morning-0545, and then at 0600 a little 7-year old crawled in bed with us and would not get back to sleep.  I knew I wasn’t going back to sleep either and allowed her to watch some cartoons while I let my wife sleep in and get some time to work on this post.

This coming Monday will be the day the United States celebrates and remembers Memorial Day, but much has changed since this day started.  I’m not going into a rant about how Americans no longer value things, but suffice to say; fewer and fewer people actually know why we remember on this day,,,,instead it’s become the first official weekend of summer and a free day off to go drink cheap beer and barbecue.  I remember Memorial Day and I remember the sacrifices by so many.

This Monday will be Memorial Day in the United States, but all of you around the world should understand that liberty and freedom can be so powerful once it’s tasted and can be wielded for good or evil. It’s not to be taken for granted.  There might be some of you out there who have never been to an oppressed country or seen people’s who didn’t have freedom.  I have and I’ll never forget them or take my liberties for granted.

If you’re reading this from the US, have a great Memorial Day weekend and just don’t take you’re freedom for granted.  If you’re reading this from another country, don’t take you’re freedom for granted either and have a great weekend too.  Thanks for reading, I truly enjoy guest posting and hope you come back for more on Wednesday when I’m around again.

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  • Reply @vapor_sage May 28, 2017 at 1:53 pm

    Amen, Freedom isn’t free and I honor our fallen lost in the endeavor to keep it for posterity.

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