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GuestPost: Punching Through

May 31, 2017

This is how life looks before you literally or figuratively punch though a barrier.  When you hit that wall, it might hurt or not, but you’ve still reached a culminating point, you have NOT punched through the barrier.  How many of you have done this on your websites or blogs???  Have you run into barriers you can’t break down? Have you decided you’ve run out of creative juices or time or energy or something in this life has gotten in the way?  If so,,,,that’s ok.

You can overcome it!

This is how life looks AFTER you’ve overcome that barrier, punching through it.  There are lots of barriers out there, don’t get me wrong,,,,it’s a tough world.  If you’re a blogger, artist, run a website or blog or are trying to get into it, there’s ALOT of competing interests for YOUR attention.  Have you ever thought of it that way?  As you sit here reading my guest post on the Roberta Pimentel Blog,,,,there’s about 10,000 other blogs desperately trying to get your attention to read their stuff, but don’t jump over to them just yet, I’m still running with this thought. I want you to think through how you’re GOING to punch through your own barriers to whatever’s holding you back.

A story:  There once was a girl who became very busy with work, family and school,,,,and after a while, she noticed how busy she was, but she still had loyal readers and others who stopped by to read her stuff.  So, instead of giving up, throwing in the towel on this website and blog stuff, she decided to annihilate her barriers and keep her blog and website alive and vibrant.  Instead of short-changing her work, family and schooling, she went the opposite direction and found some folks who wanted to put out more content on larger sites,,,and perhaps find things outside of their usual niche to write about.  So, she let them start guest posting,,,,,and it worked.

See what I mean,,,,the story above is true and is a great example of coming up to a barrier, realizing it’s there and finding a way to punch through it.  You can do this too.

Now, if you’re going to ask me how to punch through the traffic to your blog or website barrier,,,,I don’t know, I’m still working on that myself and would love more traffic on my own site, but I’m thrilled regardless to be able to be a tiny little guest poster on this site.  I’d love to have about 1000 of you come check my site out.  Just to get a 1000 folks viewing the site in one day mid-week would be awesome.  My site is:

Remember,,,,,recognize the barriers, then punch through them!  See you Sunday.

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  • Reply bisimodupe1975 May 31, 2017 at 12:01 pm

    An interesting and creative post. I enjoyed reading through.

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