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Guest Post- Ups and Downs of Blogging?

June 5, 2017

I was away for the weekend, but follow the stats of my Blog on a regular basis, trying to find a rhyme or reason to why I sometimes get lots of views and sometimes nearly none?  From a distance, there’s no pattern.  But once you look closer and remember all the advice from larger bloggers (like RobertaPimentel), things become a bit clearer and you start to see there is a pattern, even if you can’t always replicate it.  Have you ever experienced this?  Do you know where I come from,,,,or am I looking at this too hard?

Three weeks ago, I had a HUGE day on the blog where I received more than 90 views and then Saturday (the 3rd) I also had a decent day and received more than 80 views.  Now, together we should explore this to see what both you and I can do to keep getting that many views, and why many of them didn’t stay to look at other content or follow?  I would rather have two great followers than a ton of views, but won’t complain about either.  I’ve been told and have read over and over that content is king! If I could continue to write great posts consistently and in a timely manner, you and I would probably draw in more readers, more views and more followers.  I also know that I suffer as a blog because I’m not on twitter or Facebook and don’t promote the blog on many other social media platforms besides Pinterest and here in my guest blogging.  If YOU want more exposure,,,,you may want to make sure you’re on Facebook, Twitter and other social media sites, all linked back to your blog and website.   Then, consistently write GREAT content on a regular schedule and see if that starts to increase your viewership?

Me- I’m going to continue to write good content on a regular basis.  I’m going to continue to guest post on as long as she’ll have me and I will continue to promote the blog on my Pinterest site.  I’m content with that.

The Blog is at: and my Pinterest site is: Boats, Bars, Beaches and Bikinis on Pinterest

Have a RAD week, I’ll see you Weds—–LONDON- Stay Strong!

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  • Reply Craftyartistkc June 5, 2017 at 6:16 pm

    I have found that the best way to drive traffic to your site is to give back to others. No one likes a one-sided relationship. If you want comments, leave comments on other blogs, if you want likes, like other blogs. People will be more interested in your blog, if you show a genuine interest in theirs.
    Also, I have found that guest posts and things like “Showcase Sunday”, where I take one blog and interview them and then post them on my page, has also allowed me to have a better appreciation for the care and attention people give to their own space. I am just amazed at the amount of people that are truly willing to help out a fellow blogger.

    • Reply Son of a Sailor June 8, 2017 at 4:20 am

      Hi craftyartistkc, thanks for the great comment back. You’re right, I’m just not sure how to give back to others via the blog except for comments and likes and such. Thanks for the comments on here, sorry it’s take so long to get back, I’m flattered that you took the time to write on here. Would love to get into your “Showcase Sunday” someday and would love to follow your blog. Chad

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