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Guest Post: Have Children,,,,will you travel ?

June 8, 2017

So you have kids,,,,but will you travel with them?  I’m not talking like a couple of hours to Grandma’s,,,I’m thinking of actual travel that takes you out of your comfort zone and certainly will take them out of a comfort zone and perhaps school for a bit,,,,outside of holidays?  This is something I’m quite interested in, because I think perhaps Americans are much more conservative in this respect than some from Europe.  You will find Americans with kids traveling in the Caribbean if they’re well-heeled and of course you’ll find them on cruise ships or in Hawaii, but often that’s the extent of it.  However, I’ve seen European families travel throughout the US, on cruise ships, around Europe, throughout Australia and New Zealand and certainly in Thailand.  This was a surprise,,,cause I didn’t just find backpacking singles, but I’ve seen entire families moving through extended vacations in exotic countries,,,,much more so now than when I was growing up.

So, think about it- would you pack up your family if you could afford it and take them on an extended vacation to exotic places ?

In Jan/Feb/March I ran a series of blogs on my site about an English family who had packed up and taken off across the Atlantic in December of 2016 on their cruising sailboat.  Their intent was to cruise the Caribbean on their own sailboat,,,,something I’d like to do as well.  However, they lost their rudder mid-way across the Atlantic and had an epic adventure from there on out.  The boat has not been found,,,,and in April the Family finally decided to return home.  You’ve got to put on your big girl pants to make such a hard and personal decision for your family, I respect this. The last blog on their site is the following link if you want to read about it:

The point I need to make with the paragraph above is that extended family travel does often involve planning, time, expense and sometimes risk.  Life isn’t always easy and neither is traveling with family,,,,but it gives everyone great experiences and character.

Here’s some additional links to some of the stories I’ve done on the family mentioned above:

And, as an epilogue and bookend to their incredible story, I will reblog their last post from April 19th with a story tomorrow on my own website.  I need to make sure you know that I support and want to do the exact same kind of traveling with my family and do not judge others who take their kids traveling or on trips that others call outrageous.  Keep Exploring and Keep Traveling!

I LOVE Adventure Travel and can’t wait to do it with my kids!!

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