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Guest Post- Actions toward our Cruising Milestone

June 15, 2017

Our overall milestone is to leave to go cruising on our sailboat with our family, and we’ve taken one more step in that direction over the last few weeks.

My parents leave for their annual summer trip tomorrow and my wife moved three hours away from where we live to start her new job.  I’m here working away, parenting our 5 and 7 year old, the dog and taking care of things around the house.  But all this isn’t in vain,,,,,it’s called parenting and life I think.  The huge step toward our milestone is that when my wife moved, we knew we could not afford a whole second household and were looking to save what money we could,,,,so she moved onto our current sailboat, till it sells or we make other decisions.  I think her moving onto a sailboat was a brave decision, much less living on one as a women who doesn’t exactly know all the systems and is working full time.  This is a good thing, as she’s quickly going to learn things about the boat and learn how to deal with them, with a little help via cellphone from her husband when she needs it.

Tonight I knew I needed to write, regardless of what bags I need to pack to get ready for tomorrow or how tired I am.  Life has been a bit chaotic,,,,but my glass of Pinot Noir this evening helps.  We’re off to the San Diego International Boat Show this weekend and will talk through some things, make some decisions on upcoming events and decide how to keep working toward our milestone of cruising on a sailboat with family.

I’ll write another guest post on Sunday, covering the San Diego International Boat Show, goodnight.

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