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GuestPost- (1000 readers please) San Diego Boatshow

June 22, 2017

To start:  Yes, I’m challenging 1000 of you to open this and read it!


This is an Ipanema 58 Catamaran.  It’s just as massive in person as it looks in the photo and we got to go on board and explore every nook and cranny!  If we had the $1.4 million needed to even think of buying this boat,,,,,we’d probably at least think about buying it.  However, we don’t have that much money,,,,so we just tourist gawked and went on to find more adventures.  This is from the San Diego International Boat show that we went to on Saturday the 17th, day before Father’s Day.  It was good weather, nice boats and not much that we could afford,,,,so basically perfect.  Check out this link for a fun video on the show: Boat Show Video

I gotta admit, life is changing for us.  My wife has moved onto our boat which is three hours away to take another job, so we made the decision that me, the kids and the dog would stay put in our house till I retire next year,,,,giving the kids and dog stability and a known school system.  This is our choice and we made all these decisions,,,so now we just roll with the punches.  This isn’t meant to be taken as “whining”, it’s just life among grown ups.

I hope you’ve all had a good weekend and are looking for a good week.  The news here is filled with all the horrible things happening in Europe with the various acts of violence and my heart goes out to the innocent victims.

I’m going to make this a shorter post than usual, as I need to attend to children and other things.  I’d love to have 100 or 1000 of you come check out my site if you have time and perhaps think about staying by following us,,,,we are:

Have a good night-

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