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Guest Post- How do you “Adventure”

June 25, 2017

Adventure is either a life style or a mindset or both or not even a factor in some people’s mind as they simply struggle to survive.   What does “Adventure” really mean to you?

I want to use this Sunday guest post to explore what it means to you,,,,or do you even know? Like I said above, I think adventure is a life style to some and a mindset to others or both, but some folks have never even experienced it, cause they call it other things or they do what they can to avoid it.  What do you do with it?

I like to think that I’ve lived Adventure both as a lifestyle and a mindset and still do,,,but some adventures start as simple things,,,,then when things go very wrong they start to be adventures.  These are the ones I avoid.  But other things that involve purposeful adventure are great and I eat them up,,,,like traveling to places most other tourists avoid, doing long and painful events like 1/2 Ironman because you’ve earned the right to be there through your training and use the adventure to blow off steam.  Have you ever done things to blog off steam that others might not find fun?  Like getting out of the house and doing some rock climbing,,,that turns into an adventure when you have to help a hurt or injured climber?,,,,or getting out on the water on a boat and just relaxing into it while the wind takes the boat,,,,allowing your mind to download and relax?  I love things that I find enjoyable AND being prepared enough mentally to be able to alter course as needed if something goes awry,,,which it nearly always does.

However,,,normal things like long road trips, camping, sailing, or other sports that go awry with kids ALWAYS turns into an adventure, but my kids don’t always have the same mindset as their parents and are not always happy about these things.  Or,,,perhaps they’re more resilient than their parents and they do just fine, taking things in stride because their parents are able to handle things,,,,letting the kids be kids.  Case in point here is the story from December 2016 about the sailboat that lost its rudder in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean.  This English Family was able to hold it together during this adventure because of their indomitable spirit.  Their website on WordPress and is: Westerly   Although some might find their adventures a cautionary tale,,,I find it refreshing and uplifting because although they had to leave their boat in mid-atlantic and never found her again,,,,the family survived and stayed together.  They just made the decision in late April to return to England, all of this is documented well on their blog and I’ve written a number of stories on them on my own blog as well as communicated with them directly via the blog.

So, in closing,,,,I urge you to think through what your own definition of “Adventure” is?

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