June 30, 2017

Letting tears down is like rivers flowing Northward for some of us

The stage play of our lives is all they know us for

When the crowd clapped the other day  and I smiled, my heart cried down and shook my ribs

Nobody sees the salty flood of tears drowning our inner selves,

The only reason I still remain afloat is the Spirit that keeps me above the cares,


Somewhere down in me,  the boiling waters are kept and yet I let cool waters run to other lives,

These things befall many of the ‘strong-looking’ personae of the street,

Like the earthenware pot  Aseye of Ziope carries to the riverside, they also crack

When they run errands for the masses and yet they live their tasks undone, they also hurt at night

It is their wish that someone from somewhere would pat them on the pack and whisper a well-done or that at least a good Samaritan would offer them some help too

Seeking help has remained that impractical thought their minds harbour,


Like a stubborn dog who cares not how much it is beaten,

We get back to our routines of living, helping, getting crushed, wearing our hurts beneath our smiles and we do it over and over again

We always magnify the why of our acts above the obstacles

Nothing can stop us unitll we let ourselves be stopped by them

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