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Guest Post- A place to let your hair down

July 9, 2017

For the first time since we’ve owned the boat,,,,we’re in a marina with reliable Wifi and I can actually blog from my boat.  What a first, I’m so stoked to be able to write to you all of you and post this on time.  We just moved into this Marina in the beginning of June and this is the first time I’ve had time to sit down on a quiet afternoon and actually write,,,blog and let my hair down enough to express myself in a coherent way,,,,on the boat, with a great glass of chardonnay.

This brings me to the topic to discuss today, a place to let your hair down.  Do you have a place to let your hair down?  Whether it’s at home, on a boat or in a motorhome or in a secret spot in the wood or in your garden, do you have a place to go and relax where you can collect your thoughts, take a deep breath and utterly relax?  With the busy lives that most of us lead,,,,I think we all need one of these.  I have no always had one myself.  I regret not always having that option, but sometimes you don’t and you need to realize that everyone may not have that option,,,,but everyone should have somewhere to go or someone to go to where they can let their hair down with and utterly relax.  I have relatives who go on expensive vacations for the sake of utter relaxation; but I suspect they don’t always relax on those vacations or they’re all about status,,,,which isn’t a relaxing kind of thing.  I digress.  A place of your own to go and relax and have the time to do utterly nothing or something to better yourself is often needed, a place to let your hair down.  I recommend this place; some call it a man cave or a safe place or the gym, but I call it the boat.  I’m glad to have somewhere to go and relax and I need to have this time to myself sometimes, I’m glad I do.

We’re starting to actually work on the boat with long term living in mind and think through blue water cruising, stay with us and we do.  We’re at LiveFree 2 Have a great day-

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