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You Don’t Have to Wait for Other People to Validate Your Existence. You Can Do It Yourself…Right Now.

July 12, 2017


Back when we were kids, it used to be about what we want.  We are always considered childish for it, and it’s because…well, we were.  We were kids at that time.

But as soon as we age, people expect us to be different. We start to take notice of certain social norms.

We start to notice of our gaps because we have to fill up those gaps.

At some point of your life, you might even notice that you don’t do things for yourself anymore.

You do things for other people. Well, you don’t really do it for them, but you do it because you want people to like you.

You want them to acknowledge you, which is why you feel so bad whenever nobody appreciates you.

There is nothing wrong with doing that, but if you ever come to a point when you’re starting feel sad and depressed by a lot of things, then maybe then perhaps it’s time to have a shift of mindset.

Focus on what makes you happy, not what you’re lacking

It’s like I said. The world has standards, and as you come of age, people expect you to comply with these standards.

It can make you feel a bit competitive, and sometimes a bit proud too, that you’re able to comply with these worldly standards.

But at some point, you’re going to feel that you aren’t happy. That’s because you aren’t living your life for you anymore.

You’re living it for them. Nobody wants to live a life, other people. Life should only be directed at one thing: happiness, but that’s impossible with all the criticisms people can throw at us.

Well, that’s only when you keep looking at your flaws. That only happens when you focus too much on what you’re not.

When you focus on what makes you happy, you are bound to do better at it. When that happens, you are also bound to comply with our worldly standards, with flying colors even.

Forget about people telling you that you can’t do something. You can do whatever you want. You don’t need other people’s permission in order to do something.

You have to allow yourself to do the things that you’ve always wanted.

It’s only to get back on track.

You don’t have to cure your weaknesses

People would often point out when you do something wrong. they’d tell you to start doing better.

But before you make the decision to undo your weaknesses, you have to first make sure that they’re really a weakness.

Maybe people just see it that way.

Learn how to turn those weaknesses around. You might be able to make them into something better.

You never know. Maybe those weaknesses were actually your strength. You just didn’t know it yet.

This is a guest post from Monica Morgan – A free-spirited woman having vast experience in article writing. She is a contributor for 


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