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Sacrificing for your relationship

July 16, 2017

I have been open with you guys lately and shared some of my thoughts regarding relationships and even some private things from my own relationship. Being in a relationship is a good thing because you have someone to share your life with both the ups and the downs. However, a relationship consists not only of the upsides, no relationship in this world contains that. Human beings are a selfish specie where we think about “what’s in it for me?” and many tend to give up easily once they must sacrifice for their relationship. I often hear people saying that “he/she wasn’t right for me” when they were madly in love for just some time ago. Off course, there are people who are not meant for each other, but I do have the feeling that many give up too easily.

We live in a world where social media plays a big role. Social media is challenging for a relationship since it gets tested a lot. Some examples might be comparing your relationship to “happy couples” on facebook thinking that what they have is much more special than what you and your love have. There is also a greater chance of adultery with services such as Tinder where hooking up is very easy. Some tend to think that the grass is greener on the other side and jump on the next train that arrives believing that it is going to be so much better. It might seem like a perfect choice in the beginning, but when the everyday life hits you, then you are back to where you were if you do not want to strive to make your relationships work. You are also losing a good friend in your partner on the way since being in a relationship is so much more than only the physical aspects.

Fixing a relationship can be challenging especially when the communication is failing. It can be lack of communication from both sides or one part not willing to communicate while the other part desperately trying to communicate in order to save the relationship. Both must be willing to work on the relationship if it should be better. Things take time, and no relationship can be fixed in one day, therefore patience is necessary to develop your relationship. My advice must be to communicate regularly and arrange some time for each other to talk putting away all distractions such as mobile phones and TV. There are many occasions where you can communicate with your partner. If you feel that starring into his or her eyes seems unnatural then you can prepare dinner together where conversations can easily occur.

Johan and I are in a process of getting the communication back to our relationship. We used to be so good at communicating which benefitted our relationship very much. We notice that we treated each other differently when we communicated and we did trust each other more. That is why we are going to go back to where we were and make communication a habit in our relationship. It is easy to forget the communicate in a hectic life where the society demands from you. There are so many arenas where we have to be at our best. However, if you are forgetting the perform on the arena of your relationship it might die without even noticing it. I believe that many relationships end this way. Cherish what you have today and give your partner the place he or she deserves to have in your life.


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  • Reply Benn Bell July 14, 2017 at 11:01 pm

    Good advice, Roberta!

  • Reply alvarezgalloso July 15, 2017 at 6:35 pm

    Thanks Roberta for your advice and comments. I have faith that you and Johan will work things out. Just remember in addition to the time together, always search a common good. I prefer to be in a relationship that is well balanced than to be alone all of my life. Here in America, many relationships fail because of the materialistic culture we live in. It has not helped the political situation. I am spending whatever time I have with Marilia and in doing so I do not mind sacrificing TV [which I do not watch] and the internet. I managed to reduce time in my blog and have allowed others to publish.
    Just remember that you and Johan are the greatest. Best wishes from Florida

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