The contract is signed

July 21, 2017

Now there is no turning back. Not that we would have want to, but it makes it so much more real having a signed contract in your hand. Johan and I see this as a new start on our one year old journey in Trondheim since there has been some issues with the apartment where we live now. Moving into a new apartment will bring new energy into our lives and our relationship as well.

I just love the name of the street where we will live. It is called the street of summer desire translated from Norwegian into English. The summer came to Trondheim yesterday and I must say that the street name really matched the day we signed the contract. There are so many things one can desire in life, but there is one thing that stands out for me and that is the desire for life. We have promised to each other and to ourselves that we will start to desire life. We are going to throw away the worries and live life every day. You only live once so why not start right away. Waking up to a new day is a gift which has to be enjoyed and not taken for granted. You choose the way you want to live and you cannot blame anyone but yourself if you choose to throw it away using your energy on negative things.

Moving in to a new apartment means purchasing a lot of decorations as well which I really look forward to. I guess we will be spending the whole day at the store, luckily, they sell food there haha.  The first thing on our list is a new bed. The one we have been sleeping in now is so small and even though I love Johan very much I look forward to some space when I am going to sleep.

Our new landlord is very nice and he let us store our things there before moving in. This will help the moving process a lot. It will be so much easier to clean once our stuff is taken away. I guess we will start collecting all the things this weekend and transport everything to our new home in the beginning of next week. I am so energized right now despite knowing that moving requires hard work. I cannot wait till we will have a move in party where we will invite all our friends.

I will update you guys on how the process is going once we start. I wish you all a wonderful Friday. Remember to have some fun and energize yourself!



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