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Guestpost: What would you do?

July 23, 2017

Take a close look at the beast above,,,,and think through my question carefully.

Question:  After looking at the pictures below, “would you continue to wear the shoes or would you get rid of them due to the obvious damage”?   I’m not just showing you a picture of dirty busted flippy floppies,,,I’m showing you a picture of a pair of hand-made shoes I’ve had for a long time,,,bought so I could support folks who are less fortunate than me.  These are hand-made flips flips from “Combat Flip Flops” and are made by women in Kabul, Afghanistan.  (I have no financial affiliation with this company,,,,but wish I did).  This was my first pair of these shoes and I’ve since bought another pair and a pair for my wife and will continue to buy by flip-flops from them,,,,cause they’re trying to make a social difference as well as some profit,,,which is ok.


Would you still wear these?  Favorite Flippy Floppies,,,,,post Great Dane. From Combat Flip Flops


We want to be wearing flip-flops all the time on our boat as we get ready to take off to blue water cruise.  You can come visit us at: and I encourage you to continue following,,,,,as she’s allowed me to use a guest slot on Weds and Suns on her website.

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