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Relationships are developing through different phases..

July 24, 2017

Hello Sunshine! It has been a magical days I must say. In a relationship it is easy to forget to spend time with one another because of a hectic life and the responsibilities. We also tend to fall into a comfort zone where you get so used to your partner that you sort of take that person for granted which can make us forget to be a couple.

Johan and I we have been together for almost 5 years and we have experienced both ups and downs during that time. There are times in a relationship when you want to give up. However, if you give up during the downs you will not experience the ups later where you rediscover why you felt in love with that person from the start which is amazing.

I believe that a relationship has many different phases because as human beings we are also developing through different phases. It is easy to grow apart if you forget the basics in the relationship which is to set aside time for one another and in that way grow together by influencing one another.

For not so long time ago Johan and I had a really serious conversation with one another where we asked ourselves what had happened with the fantastic way we used to communicate with each other. I must admit that some of this is my fault because I was the one who started to refuse to communicate. Johan is a big believer in communicating and tried to keep this in our relationship and he fought hard to bring it back. At some point, Johan gave up and our communication sort of died out. This affected our relationship in many ways, but specially the way we talked to one another. This led to many misunderstandings which resulted in more disagreements which harmed our relationship. I did never stop loving Johan but I was missing something. The fact that I was not willing to communicate was killing our relationship.

Johan feels that it is difficult to open up again since I hurt him when I refused to communicate with him. When a person feels that his feelings are being ignored it often results that the person gets very closed and find it hard to open up again. This is a work in progress and I must give him time to open up and demonstrate to him that I am serious about communication this time. I am the one that has to take more initiative since I have ignored his feelings. I believe that my initiatives will make him opening up little by little. However, we are making progress and we have had many nice conversations lately and we can both sense a different atmosphere in our apartment and our relationship is developing and we are falling a love again.

In order to improve our communication we decided to do more activities together. Our weeks are very hectic which makes it hard to do things together since he works during day time and I am working during the evenings. This results in that we are not able to see one another very much during the week. It is crucial to have fun together in the weekends so that we can create memories that glues us together.


On Saturday we went to an Italian restaurant to enjoy each others company by having a romantic evening with one another. It is important to take away all distractions such as mobile phones in order to give the other person the full attention. Johan and I love Italian food and we also love the atmosphere at the restaurant we went to. We were really lucky with the occasion since it was a very warm evening and we could dress up nicely. I think it is important to look nice for one another. It is easy to forget to impress your partner when being in a relationship.

We spent a lovely evening at the restaurant. Johan chose to eat lasagne and I chose to eat seafood pasta which was delicious. Off course, on an Italian restaurant we must have Italian wine which tasted good.

After a wonderful evening we went home and had some late night drinks at our balcony listening to good music and enjoyed the rest of the evening together. I must say that the weekend was very successful and we have made some good memories that will energise us for a new week with a lot of tasks coming up both at work and moving to a new apartment.

Take care!

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  • Reply alvarezgalloso July 24, 2017 at 11:59 am

    Thank you for your latest article. Many things contribute to lack of communication such as internet, cell phones, and TV. The same applies to work. Once in a while it is great to disconnect to discover one another. I might disconnect one day from my blog for a while.

  • Reply consciousoftheheart July 26, 2017 at 1:00 am

    Best wishes on the move. Love the dress!

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