July 27, 2017

When you go without sleep for 20 to 25 hours, the drop in your performance is similar to that of someone with a blood-alcohol level of 0.10 percent. Your productivity is marred by sleep deprivation.

It is even argued by some researches that when you are deprived of sleep for 36, 48, and 72 hours your body and your mind begins operating in altered states that put your health, and your life, at risk.

Sleep deficiency causes heart failure, diabetes, anemic conditions, increases your blood pressure and weakens your immune system.

Sleep is certainly very important. It doesn’t deem wise to deprive yourself of the needed amount of sleep.

The Bible however advises that we don’t have to sleep too much.

Sleep is so important that just as depriving one’s self of it is unwise, getting too much of it can bring you poverty.

A little sleep, a little slumber and continuing at that can cause your poverty to come upon you unawares like an armed man ( Read Prov. 6:10,11 and 24:33,34).

Loving too much of sleep is a path that would land you into poverty (Read Proverbs 20:13).

How much sleep do you need? – just enough to keep you healthy and hard work. Don’t trade sleep for work nor work for sleep. Keep a good balance.

©Selorm Deku

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