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Guest Post: Nearly a Million Dollar Boat

August 7, 2017

Yup,,,,they actually invited me to look at a nearly Million Dollar Boat this weekend,,,,,and fed me free drinks while I looked at her.  Perhaps it was because they sensed I wrote for an influential sailing blog or they thought I had LOTS of money,,,,,both of which are totally not true.


YES, they actually let me get up close and personal with this boat,,,,which is nearly a Million Dollars.  She’s a 2017 Aquilla 44 Power Cat for sale by Marine Max San Diego.  What a great boat and they didn’t make half-bad Margarita’s either,,,considering it was late afternoon and I’d just gotten cleaned up from working in my boat bilge ALL day.  It was a great cap off to a day of hard work on my own boat.  You can come check out more pics of this boat at the direct link above or Tuesday’s story about it on my own blog:

I’ll return with another guest post Wednesday,,,,,have a  great week.

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