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Guest Post: A Helping Hand

August 13, 2017

Good morning:

I know when I guest post on that her blog has more international readers than my own blog or some others that I read, so I write some of my content with that in mind.  You need to understand I don’t care where you’re from or who you are, I post stories relevant to anyone,,,,,,,but bear with me if you think things are skewed toward national interests, they’re not,,,,,,that’s just how they read.  So,,,,,,read on:

I’m pretty stoked to write this,,,,as I’m so excited to have been asked to come help.  Two weeks ago I was invited to help the Warrior Sailing Program as they put on the sailing portion of the National Veterans Summer Sports Clinic in San Diego, Ca USA.  These clinics are run by the US Veterans Administration (VA) but specific organizations like Warrior Sailing come in to help.  How stoked am I not only to get the invitation, but to be able to find baby-sitting and have the boat in San Diego that I can stay on to help with the clinic the entire week.

But,,,,I sail a big boat,,,,,so sailing the small ones again that I learned on lots of years ago will be a challenge as they want me to be an instructor.  My plan is to go back to a place I know here on the West Coast for two Saturdays in a row before this clinic starts,,,,and brush back up on my skills.

The clinics in San Diego go from 17 – 21 September, and I’ve already taken vacation days from work to help out,,,,,I’ll be happy to be on the water helping with what I can;  to give something back to those who’ve been injured in the line of duty,,,,,or their families.

If you’re ever interested in helping with something like this and want to get into it,,,,email the coordinator at the Warrior Sailing Program and tell them that sent you!

LF 2 SF- LiveFree2SailFast

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