August 22, 2017

“SACRIFICE”; this is a word that has been used severally and allowed to have diverse meanings. In all of its diverse usages and implied meanings, the overriding meaning it brings is the idea of letting go that which is treasured today for a better outcome expected on a future date. That is, something must be lost today for a better tomorrow. Saving to invest for example means living on a lesser amount of money today because your vision is more precious to you than your comfort of today.

In the several moments of your life, you could identify that many people who decided to have full indulgence and knew not how to say no to the comforts of the moment in pursuit of a bigger dream failed to go beyond that moment. For instance, people work at certain jobs that pay less, are too exhausting for the reward they earn from the job but cannot move on because the comfort offered by their meager salary has been treasured over the hustle to search for a new and better job or saving the hard way to start their own business. Is your salary the barrier to your becoming comfortable? Why not reconsider what you are doing? Almost everyone who has lived in fear of the challenges that stood between them and their greatness have achieved lesser and lived below their potentials. What would you do differently?

Again, I am sure you have met several students in life; some as mates or otherwise who ‘enjoyed school more than why they are in school’. Most of these either drop out of school or finish school with poor performances. Because sleeping, partying, resting among others was more cherished than pursuing excellence in their school work, these people fail in school. Well, this might sound strange but, I have met people who have found better dreams than academic dreams could offer and so even though they did not do excellent in their school work, they have decided to stay committed to the dreams they have cherished and esteemed above school – their excellence stands out.

You see, the successful people in our world have known the value of dreams, are willing to pay a price called sacrifice to achieve their dreams. What is important to you is what you would pursue. Is it the comfort of today or the better end that tomorrow might bring? 

You must aim to become better in whatever you do. You must be able to stay committed to learning and developing yourself. Are you an employee, employer or an independent worker? When was the last time you learned something new to achieve a better end in what you do? The old ways might be good but honestly, you would remain average if you stay  in your corporate sphere failing to sacrifice some of your earning, time, comforts or even your job (if needs be) for that big and great dream that has been left in your mind. Take a step to sacrifice for a better dream! 

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