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Guest Post: Rest now, Mr. Hefner

September 28, 2017

Rest in Peace now, Mr. Hefner.  I didn’t know Mr. Hefner, but the magazine of his creation, Playboy, helped usher in puberty for me and so I’m a bit saddened to see him go.  He seemed to have a genuine style of his own and seemed to keep to himself and off twitter.  I appreciate these qualities.

Now,,,,who am I?  I’m your Wednesday and Sunday Guest Poster, but have been doing a bad job of it for the last several weeks, but I’ve got pretty good excuses.  Last week, I was out actually doing what I love,,which is sailing fast and helping others to learn all about sailing.  I helped to coach sailing last week in San Diego Bay for the US Veterans Administration Summer Sports Clinics with Warrior Sailing.  It was a humbling experience; despite the fact I sail and write about it,,,,I was made very aware of my own lack of knowledge by the caliber of the other coaches I worked with.  More about that later on my own blog and here-

I write here as a guest poster and on my own blog:  Have a great week, more on Sunday.

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