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My trip to London

October 17, 2017

Wow, it has been a really long time since I wrote something on my blog, but I can see that my guest author has been quite active and wrote many good post here. Well done!

How are you doing guys? I’m doing just fabulous and I can’t complain about life. Life is beautiful and as long I smile to the world the world will always be smiling back. Don’t you agree?

This last weekend I had the privilege to travel to London for the first time and it was so amazing I must say. I have always dreamed about travelling to London one day, and now I has just realised my dream woohoo 🙂

It was not a long trip but I had a really good time there with my work colleges, good food and a lot of wonderful things to see. On Saturday we went to Wembley stadion and watched  Tottenham vs Bournemouth. I got so amazed with such a wide stadion and the atmosphere was so tremendous. On Sunday we went on a buss tour where we could see the entire city.

I didn’t have time enough to see everything I wanted, but I do have plans to travel back to London and this time I will have the time to see much more 🙂

Well, I just stopped by for a small update and to say that I’m still alive hehe.. Life has been really busy and that was the reason I didn’t have the time to write anymore. Anyway, I’m back to stay 😉

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