Home alone

November 11, 2017

Hi there, How are you doing today?  At this very moment I’m sitting here alone on my couch and I’m missing my boyfriend Johan. He is visiting his family since yesterday and I can’t remember the last time we have been away from each other for that many days. However, the 31 of Desember this year we have been together for 5 years, wow, I can’t belive that we have been together for so long, time really flies. Actually I have never been in a relationship for so long with anyone before, a little embarrassed to say that but it is the truth. I don’t know how he still manage to be with me because I can be quite a difficult person sometimes, but he is still here strong by my side and I can’t understand how hahah…

Since he is away from home I’m working like a crazy these days because I don’t like to be alone at home and of course it is half tax this month in Norway yoohoo. Yesterday I worked 16 hours and 8 hours today. To be honest I felt like a zombi at work today and I was so tired. Anyway, my motivation to work extra this month is because my sister just lost her husband and he was the one who took care of them, now she is alone with 3 children and 6 months pregnant without a job in Brasil. I just want to make sure my nephews will have a christmas this year.

I look forward to celebrate Christimas knowing that I will spend it with family. It is a wonderful feeling to know that someone care for you and to not be alone. I am lucky to have everything in my life to be happy. Sadly, Christmas is a time where many people have to be alone and I can imagine that they feel very lonely. We will actually contribute to this problem this year by inviting two persons to our home who are alone this Christmas. I feel very happy to be able to make the Christmas a better time for these persons and I think it is exactly that Christmas should be about namely caring for our next ones.

I think that I will not stay up very late tonight since a new day at work is ahead of me tomorrow.

I wish you a wonderful time.


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