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Everyday It Is Already A Risk Itself

November 12, 2017

I can still remember the excitement when we decided to move from Stavanger to Trondheim for a year ago. Johan was just done with his master degree in finance, and the job crises has just arrived in Stavanger at that time, not so positiv for him at all who was looking for jobs there. Stavanger was and is a petroleum town and when the crises arrived so many people lost their jobs, it was devastating to see. However, at that time we needed to act and make a decision or I would say  “take risk” to change our life situation.

To live everyday it is already a risk itself because we never know what can happen suddenly. Life is quite surprising sometimes, isn’t? Life can surprise us for the good and the bad when we are not expecting it for sure, been there done that. We can have dreams, goals, expectations and so on, but if we don’t take action the dreams will never come through and it will be just a dream forever.

Johan is a very reasonable person or maybe I should say that he is a fact person just opposite of me haha, I’m a more intuitiv person and I like to take my own conclusions on things. I do love to hear what other have to say but if I feel something is not right I will research it for myself to take my own conclusion. Anyway, Johan was afraid of moving from Stavanger because of me, he thought that it was not right to move when things were going so well for me at that time, but I also had the right to come with my opinion. I understood his situation and I was not afraid to move to another town and start over again. I would never let him give up on his dream after working so hard for so many years.

Johan is a very intellectual person who is amazing to have structure, make good plan schedules and a discipline that I can be jealous of hehe, but he has the challenging to take action sometimes. I’m the crazy one here, I’m the one who need to kick his back sometimes so he take the actions that are needed. We complete each other so good because we have different talents and in that way we can help one another to make important decision.

Last year we decided to take the risk and start a new adventure in Trondheim. We came with only four baggage and ourselves without jobs. Johan had made a few phone calls before moving to Trondheim and had some appointments for jobs interview. He was very lucky and got some part time jobs after 7 days in Trondheim. He started in a job that was not in his area but it made it possible to get some revenues to pay the bills and continue searching for the job that suites him. After one year, he finally got the job he wanted and he is so happy to work at he company he is now. He has exactly the position he was striving to get.


The message in this post is that if you are not willing to take risks opportunities may be missed as well. If he had not pushed him to take this decision with me he would maybe not have the position that he is so happy to have today.

You miss 100% of the shots that you don’t take.

Take care! ♥

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