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Guest Post; How to Control Your Emotions

April 26, 2017

  This is a guest post by Monica Morgan, a contributor for Now, why would we want to do this in the first place? Our emotions are part of our very existence. It’s a combination of our thoughts and body sensations. It’s simply how we feel. Emotions can drive us to act in our day and throughout our lives. It affects most of our body functions. It has effects on our psychological and physiological wellness. We get excited, anxious,…

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Guest Post; Forgiving Yourself and Moving Forward

April 12, 2017

  Have you ever made a mistake that drastically affected your life? We all make mistakes. There are even some that we commit over and over again. You maxed out your credit card for the nth time. You blamed yourself for anything that did not go your way. Regrets, guilt, failure, and disappointment are negative feelings associated with making mistakes. What do you consider as a mistake? It is something you did that does not produce favorable results in your…

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Guest Post; Doing Digital Detox

April 5, 2017

  Your phone alarm wails in the morning signaling for you to wake up. You open your eyes. You check your notifications from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, check your mail, text messages, news, and all other stuff that you can do on your phone. Sounds familiar? It sounds boring, too. Using our phone or other digital gadgets has been a constant part of our life because they offer an expanse of functions that involves relationships, everyday chores, business, and many others.…

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Blog Daily Prompts Guest post

Guest Post; Staying on Top of Your Game

March 29, 2017

Everyone has a dream that we someday want to fulfill. Our dream that is that which keeps us awake late at night doing our office or school. With the absence of this dream, we would rather sleep rather than wasting energy on a work report or a new project. Our dream is also that which motivates us to wake up early in the morning. It is what keeps us busy all day long. Well, basically, our dreams run our lives.…

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