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February 22, 2017

LOVE IS A 2-WAY TRAFFIC The convergence of erstwhile divergent unrelated emotions, minds, purposes and desires for a cause greater than what the individual mind, emotion, desire and purpose dream is what some see as love. To some, it begins at the point at where a fragile glass-like heart perceives a personality worth treasuring. That supposes the losing of the mind before the birth of it which I do not accept. The patriotic and socially inclined see it as self-denial for…

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3 steps guest post would help grow your audience

February 16, 2017

I strongly believe that guest post can boost your audience and that is a great strategy to build a solid network.          what is guest post? Guest post means sharing your content on someone else’s blog. This is a brilliant way to get to know other bloggers and networking in a fantastic way. So, why will guest post help you grow your platform? I will give you the main 3 reasons.  Networking; using guest post is a…

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Guest post; How to Live Simpler in a Modern World

February 9, 2017

Back during the days, people used to wish that life would become easier. Well, who can blame them? They had to do things manually. Students had to walk all the way to school. Employees have to manually write their reports. Families have to rub two sticks or rocks to create cooking fire. I even remember the time that I had to do my essay without the help of good old internet. A lot of things have changed ever since modern…

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wardrobe for maximising the place available

February 4, 2017

Living close to the centrum of the city has many benefits like bein able walk to downtown both for city shopping and for the night life,  living an urban life by having everything nearby and so on. We really appreciate to live so near to the city since both Johan and I are urban people who could never survive in the countryside haha. However, it also has its challenges. One of those is that the apartments are really expensive and therefore…

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