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Oslo next

February 27, 2017

Good morning dear readers! The time is only 6 am in the morning and I am sitting here at the airport of Trondheim waiting for my flight to Oslo. I must admit that getting up 4:45 am was too early but I must say that I am so exited about the adventure that I am about to experience in the upcoming days. I have been counting for this day for many weeks now, I couldn’t wait any longer. I will…

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7 Things I wanna do before I die

February 27, 2017

We are all going to die someday and we have only limited time on this earth. The world is full of exiting things to experience and it is actually difficult to make a list since I want to see so much. However, I had to limit my wishes in order to be able to write this post and I have come up with 7 things I wanna do and see before I die.…

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Relationships – ups and downs

February 26, 2017

I must say that me and Johan we have a pretty communicative relationship where we can talk to one another about everything which makes our relationship stronger since there is more trust in it. There is even those who have claimed that they are a bit jealous about how a man and a woman in a relationship can work that well together and I must say that we also are best friends. Even though we have a good relationship there…

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