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Sunday mood

November 6, 2016

Hello my loves! I hope you have enjoyed your weekend so far! I can’t complain about mine ­čÖé I love weekends because then we can have some quality time with our love ones. ┬áI take my duties as a woman and a spouse seriously and I believe that it’s my responsibility to make our home with a good atmosphere. I must say that Johan is contributing to this as well which is not very common for a guy to do…

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Blog Daily Family vlog

Quality time with my love ones

October 15, 2016

Hi beautiful readers! How are you doing today? I have not been so active on my blog in the last days since I had my daughter Stephanie visiting me. Stephanie is 18 years old and she lives┬áby her own now, but she will always be my little girl. My little girl has become a beautiful and talented woman and I’m so proud of her. On Thursday I invited her to eat dinner with us and stay with us for a…

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Blog Daily Family Outfit


October 13, 2016

The autumn is here and it is starting to get colder in Trondheim but thank you God for warm clothes haha. We have really been blessed with sunshine for almost two weeks and it almost reminds me of Rio only 30 degrees colder haha.…

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