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Road trip

October 28, 2017

Jeg har virkelig gledet meg til denne dagen her. Akkurat nå sitter jeg på ferjen på vei til Ålesund, mens jeg skriver dette innlegget. Vi kjørte fra Trondheim litt før kl 7 i morges og det føltes som om det fortsatt var natt siden de enda var mørkt da vi reiste. Det føles virkelig rart i og med at det ikke er lenge siden det var sommer. Om sommeren er det alltid så lyst og så plutselig snur alt og…

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Home sweet home

September 12, 2016

Hello fabulous readers! A brand new week has begun today and that means that anything is possible if you believe it. I do! Life are full of surprises and that is so amazing. I know it based on my own experiences in life. We never know which people and situations that will occur. It depends only on being on the right place at the right time. Today many positive things have happened and the job situation of Johan…

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Family first always!

September 11, 2016

There is always a tensity in my body when I am about to visit my youngest daughter. We can’t meet as often as we would like to and I wish that I could tell you everything but in order to protect both me and my daughter I will only share the positive things.   Today I travelled to Aalesund to see her and I was very exited. I have always expectations in front of our gatherings and there is always…

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Everything is new

September 8, 2016

Hello my loves! Lately there has not been posts of high quality since we have been moving. When there is a lot going on around me I like to focus on those things to be finished with them and tend to spend less time on other things. I apologise for the inconvenience but now I feel that the pieces are coming together. We have finally moved to Trondheim and we have spent the day to get to know the city…

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