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Getting back the chemistry

July 12, 2017

Work in progress –Initiative # 1 A couple a days ago I wrote about different phases in a relationship and shared some of the things that Johan and I are experiencing right now. I shared it because I believe that we are not the only ones facing difficulties in the relationship and I thought that being open about the subject would help others to do something with their relationship as well. I got the response I wanted and I hope…

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No Relationship Is Perfect

July 10, 2017

All relationships have its phases from the crush where everything is so rosy until the everyday hits you and you realize that the one you met is a normal human being with mistakes just as everybody else in this world. Having a crush on someone is like being on drugs where you live in an illusionary world and when the reality hits you it can be hard sometimes. I have never been in a relationship that lasted for as long…

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In blue

July 5, 2017

Ahhh, I’m just loving my days in Oslo city this week. I’m so blessed with my life, job and my new colleagues I must say. We are attending a safety course to learn how to install the alarms that we provide for our customers and everything is covered by our company. We are really lucky to have a company that helps us to develop our skills in order to make our customers more satisfied. It has been two days with…

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Yes, I did it again

June 9, 2017

Fantastisk! Nå har jeg klart 3 dager av C9-programmet. Hvis jeg har klart det, så vil absolutt alle som har som mål å miste noen kiloer klare det også. Det er faktisk litt vanskelig å tro men buksene begynner å bli for store og dette etter bare tre dager. Jeg hadde ikke forventet at dette skulle skje så fort. Jeg har fulgt programmet slavisk og det viser allerede resultat. I går hadde jeg min tredje dag og det var fantastisk…

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