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Guest Post: Poem Inspiration Blessings

June 21, 2017

NEW BEGINNINGS  with INSPIRATIONAL  BLESSINGS   Slow down – Heart and   Mind   LISTEN and HEAR –INNER VOICE Hopes and Dreams   ALWAYS second chances   PRAY    NURTURE    BELIEVE   SINGS to you LOVES you HEALS you   LIVE with PASSION your GOD given Talents Peaceful sound Grace SHARE your talents UNITE with Others © 2012 Donna Maria De Guglielmo Thanking Roberta for having me here to Guest Post. She is very nice to do this. Follow her blog here. I encourage…

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Guest Post: Creative Juice

May 31, 2017

CREATIVE JUICE (Prose Poetry) Blooming time, coming out of shell seed breaking through see some light a breath of fresh air on things creative juice of thought growing it is so good –  going to nurture through positive thinking. Thoughts come and go hopefully positive stay awe, Epiphany joy cries out what to do. oh pooh, lost it… Quiet mind slow down when anger arises getting stuck slowdown breathe, pray, give it to God He will take it. Sooner or…

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Blog Guest post Poetry Uncategorized

Guest Post: Wonderful Gift to Give

May 24, 2017

Guest post: Poem Wonderful Gift to Give Hello there, Would like to introduce myself: my name is Donna Maria de Guglielmo First, I want to thank Roberta who graciously is having me here to post, meet and greet you all. A little bit about myself my background is in architecture/interior design. I did professional massage therapy for awhile and now on to writing… Authorprenuership. My genres are poetry, nonfiction, and fiction. My faith is Christian, buts I am interfaith (I truly…

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Poetry quote

Carpe diem

April 14, 2017

A new morning has just arrived Eyes are opening to a great day Beautiful morning with sunshine How great it is to see I’m still alive   Every day is a miracle, appreciate Because tomorrow can be too late Stretching my body, getting ready To make a happy story of myself Memories of yesterday is just past   A new day, a new chapter has began Think now, tomorrow doesn’t exist yet Why don’t live the wonderful moment? Tomorrow is…

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